Dell Edge Gateway Compatible Modbus RS485 IO Module Digital Input Pulse Counter

Feature Set

  • 8 Channel Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs
  • Fast Opto-Coupler design capable of reading high speed pulses
  • Wide Channel Input Voltage range (5-48V)
  • Three modes of operation
  • -
    High/Low Level Mode
  • -
    Pulse Width Measurement Mode
  • -
    Pulse Count Mode
  • Software Modbus registers for
  • -
    Channel High/Low Level State Mode
  • -
    Channel 32bit Pulse Count totalizer (value also stored in Non-Volatile FRAM) Mode
  • -
    Channel 32bit Pulse Count Offset Value
  • -
    Current Channel Pulse Width Measurement (PWM) value
  • -
    PWM “Olympic Average” channel reading
  • -
    PWM Max channel reading
  • -
    PWM Min channel reading
  • -
    Pulse count de-bounce period (default 10ms) configuration setting
  • -
    PWM Average short/long configuration setting (selectable as over 6 or 10 readings)
  • -
    Channel Mode configuration setting
  • -
    Baud Rate
  • 2-Wire RS485 Interface
  • Fast Modbus poll rates <100ms
  • Modbus Address selection via external “Push-On” jumper link setting
  • Factory Reset Via “Push-On” link setting
  • Integrated Watchdog and Power “Brown-Out” detect and correct
  • 5V TTL Trigger Output Pin for Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Regulated 5V Power supply pins for powering external sensors
  • Optional DIN Rail mountable breakout board for Maxbotix ultrasonic sensors
  • Compatible with most popular Edge Gateway devices including Dell 3001/5000/5100 Edge Gateway devices

Product Support


Open Source reference software code available to make implementation easy

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